Chrislynn Energy

As an independent, comprehensive energy management firm, we have always said that our work does not stop once our customer signs an agreement with a supplier. Rather, we view this as the first step in the process. From there, we run performance reports, budget forecasts, invoice audits, and much more. A recent example is our work with a university hospital system that spans four states. After securing a position that led to seven figure savings, we conducted our utility and supplier bill audit process. While doing so, we discovered a $500,000 billing error. After alerting the customer and supplier, we implemented a game plan over the next few months to correct the issue and negotiated payment terms that benefited both parties. Chrislynn’s goal in every scenario is to represent our customer to the best of our ability. Our in-depth knowledge of the utility tariffs, markets, and expertise across a wide array of industries allows us to find a well-rounded solution for our customer base.

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