Chrislynn Energy

December 2023 Case Study

With being a full-scope energy management firm, we not only take pride in our detailed approach to the traditional procurement service on the deregulated side, but it’s also our attacking of the regulated (aka utility) portions of the invoices. Understanding the utility tariff and taking the extra step in having a natural gas account switch […]

October 2023 Case Study

The detailed approach we take at Chrislynn Energy includes reading and understanding the latest utility tariffs so that we can take a proactive approach in managing our customer’s energy portfolio. Varying from utility to utility, these tariff sheets are amended yearly, quarterly, and even monthly with changing rates that affect the charges a customer will […]

January 2024 Case Study

Chrislynn Energy Saving its Governmental clients money!! Pursuant to HUD regulation 24 CFR § 990.185(b), a Public Housing Authorities may be eligible for a Rate Reduction Incentive (RRI).  The RRI is a financial incentive for PHAs that pursue special and significant efforts to reduce their utility rates for natural gas and electricity. PHA properties have […]

July 2023 Case Study

Our team has the experience saving businesses money in almost every industry in a variety of ways. Sometimes, the best options for customers is the Utility’s default tariff rate. When current market conditions ae higher than the Utility’s default rate, we will place the client back on the Utility’s tariff rates to allow the market […]

August 2023 Case Study

As an independent, comprehensive energy management firm, we have always said that our work does not stop once our customer signs an agreement with a supplier. Rather, we view this as the first step in the process. From there, we run performance reports, budget forecasts, invoice audits, and much more. A recent example is our […]