Chrislynn Energy

The detailed approach we take at Chrislynn Energy includes reading and understanding the latest utility tariffs so that we can take a proactive approach in managing our customer’s energy portfolio. Varying from utility to utility, these tariff sheets are amended yearly, quarterly, and even monthly with changing rates that affect the charges a customer will see on their electric or natural gas bills. While working with one of the largest hospital systems in their state, we uncovered $535,000 worth of charges that the hospital system was not being billed appropriately based off the latest utility tariff for that region. Through our connections with the proper contacts at that utility company, we negotiated a payment plan for each hospital, so that they did not have to pay these charges all at once. This not only alleviated a major budgeting headache, but also prevented even more charges by alerting the customer when we did. We feel this detailed and proactive approach differentiates us from others in our industry, and understanding the intricacies of each utility tariff allows us to better serve our customers’ needs.

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