Chrislynn Energy

Chrislynn Energy offers energy expertise that can mean significant savings for your business. Our team of experts will evaluate your energy needs and determine the strategy that’s right for you. We’ll analyze your current energy usage and come up with a plan that saves you money.

Our Expertise

Formed in 1986 as an independent energy consulting and development company, and enhanced energy consulting capabilities in 1999. Currently manage natural gas and electric commodity supply for commercial and industrial users, which amounts to a portfolio of annual energy purchases in excess of $1 Billion. Our Team of Associates has over 200 years of combined energy industry experience and works directly for our clients. We are not affiliated with any utility or commodity supplier.

Electric and Natural Gas Procurement Strategies

We will shop your load with our network of 35+ suppliers, not only getting you the best price but also the right product and contract terms for your unique load profile.

Annual Budget & Forecasting

Our team will help you to prepare annual electric and natural gas budgets based upon the utility tariffs, current agreements and forecasted loads.

Capacity Cost Mitigation

CESI can help you mitigate the impact of rising capacity cost charges on your overall electric costs. Capacity costs are calculated based on your contribution to the grid’s highest peak demand intervals. We help our clients identify their contribution to those peaks, estimated future capacity costs, and formulate strategies to reduce their exposure.

Bill Audit & Rate Code Review

We analyze your utility invoices to uncover possible billing and tax errors and to ensure you are on the appropriate rate code for your usage pattern and account size.

Demand Response

We help our clients implement, manage, and weigh the benefits of participation in demand response programs. Energy users that can curtail load during peak times can take advantage of demand response and receive financial compensation from PJM or their host utility.

Approved COSTARS 28 and 30 Vendor

COSTARS is the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s cooperative purchasing program, designed to assist local governments and other non-profit agencies to reduce their costs of doing business. As a qualified vendor in the COSTARS program, we can provide energy consulting services to local public units throughout the Commonwealth. As an approved service provider, COSTARS Members can come directly to Chrislynn Energy for energy consulting services while still satisfying local procurement policies for each government unit. We are proud to be a COSTARS-approved vendor as a supplier of energy consulting services under COSTARS 30 contract.