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Chrislynn Energy Saving its Governmental clients money!!

Pursuant to HUD regulation 24 CFR § 990.185(b), a Public Housing Authorities may be eligible for a Rate Reduction Incentive (RRI).  The RRI is a financial incentive for PHAs that pursue special and significant efforts to reduce their utility rates for natural gas and electricity. PHA properties have the option to procure electricity and natural gas from a supplier other than their regulated utility.  If the commodity is purchased correctly, the Authority can save money versus the default utility rates.  The PHA is then eligible for one-half of the annual savings realized through their procurement efforts.  A PHA interested in pursuing a Rate Reduction Incentive is required to submit a request to its local Field Office.

Chrislynn Energy Services, Inc. has been helping PHAs procure lower natural gas and electricity rates in the Pennsylvania market for over 24 years.  As a COSTARS approved Energy Consulting Vendor, CESI makes this process easy for the PHAs.  We just helped a number of our PHA clients complete their analysis to submit to HUD.  We were able to save our PHA clients over $1,500,000 annually

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